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Dan Imagine

Word count: 351 words

a/n: this is my third imagine thingy I’ve made. Idk I come up with them randomly so yeah. If you guys have any ideas I would LOVE to hear them! Just message me ok. Yeah. Now read what you came here for. Ok bye.

You lie there in your bed feeling warm and cozy. Thank god it was your room that was the one that was warm. The other rooms in your, Dan and Phil’s apartment were freezing overnight. Phil decided to live with his parents for the few days before the heating got fixed, but Dan stayed. The first night he braved it out in his bedroom with tons and tons of blankets, but tonight, he was done with that.

You were falling asleep, you know, that part where you are awake, but in some sense not. Anyways, you felt a tap on your forehead and slowly woke up to Dan standing next to your bed with his pillow and a sheepish smile on his face. “Hey, I was wondering if I could sleep with you?” he asked. You gave him a look like “what?” “I mean can I sleep in your bed w-with you,” he stammered quickly afterward.  “There’s not enough space Dan,” you said as you spread out your limbs to take up all the extra space on your bed. “Come ON y/n! It’s freezing in my room. You know that!” he protested and started to shove you over. “Ugh fine,” you muttered and slid over.

You and Dan have been best friends for basically forever, this was actually really comfortable and it was nice to have the extra warmth there.  Your back was facing away from Dan and Dan was facing your back. His arm was extended over your hip and his hand hung limply in front of your stomach. It felt natural. You turned around towards Dan and snuggled your head into his chest. He then rested his chin slowly on yours as not to disturb you. His arms also slowly wrapped around you and you smiled into his shirt. The best thing was that it felt like it was meant to be. It felt like a normal thing to do.

You were drifting back off to sleep but before you reached that total state you heard Dan mutter,” I love you y/n.” You quietly answered, “Love you too Daniel.”

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